Why Your Group Should Join the Illinois Homeschool Association (and how!)

If you are a member of a homeschooling group in Illinois that is not religious based you should seriously consider joining our coalition!

We do not tell you how to run your group:

We do require that your group:

Our Mission: The purpose of this network is to support families in exercising their right to homeschool regardless of age, color, creed, ethnic background, family composition, financial condition, learning disabilities, race, religion or lack thereof, sexual preference, or special educational needs.

Our Bylaws: https://www.ilhsa.org/ilhsa-bylaws

If your group does decide to join our coalition we are easy to join!

We will get you plugged into the network, provide you with information as to when the next semiannual meeting is, and help your contact people join the email list for legal and legislative information.

Please note: You will not have a vote during the Council meetings until you have paid annual group's dues which are due in January of each calendar year or upon joining (your choice). Group dues are currently set at a minimum of $20 a group or $5 per member family, whichever is greater.